A women-owned business


Company Principals

Lisa Goucher


Two decades in this business have taught me what’s important:  the value of meaningful relationships, an unwavering focus on service, and making sure our clients’ needs are met. GPS provides the perfect opportunity to collaborate with successful women whose principles align with mine.  We are like-minded in our desire to provide unrivaled service.

We make great business partners!

Reesa Parker


First you dream it, then you achieve it.  I’ve been a lifelong dreamer, and I know creativity adds value to everything. We pioneered remote reporting.  GPS was founded pre-pandemic to bring remote reporting to the deposition marketplace.  We leverage traditional reporting services with advanced technology to deliver advanced solutions for today’s legal marketplace.  

We were remote when remote wasn’t cool!

Melissa Spivey


When two independently successful businesswomen I greatly admire invited me to join them, how could I refuse?  Lisa Goucher and Reesa Parker are tenacious professionals who understand the importance of service to others.  My goal is to exceed expectations.  That’s a value we share.  Together we work to set the standard for a service-driven enterprise in the deposition space.

I’m all in!