Built on the powerful vTestify Platform


A purpose-built platform for remote depositions. 


Modern solutions for today’s legal practice. 

Goucher Parker Spivey makes virtual depositions easier than ever before with powerful features that meet the needs of legal professionals.  By packaging critical functions of a deposition within a purpose-built user interface, GPSVirtual delivers the solutions you need for today’s remote depositions.

GPS has technical support on call 24-7 to help you with technology details every step of the way. Our white-glove service means we’ll provide the training and equipment necessary to prepare your witness to successfully participate in a remote deposition.

Dedicated and trained

Our technical support team is on call 24-7.


New to Remote Depositions?

Not sure who to call if you can’t get connected or stay connected?  Need help uploading and marking exhibits?


Immediate help when you need it.  The beauty of a purpose-built solution means the platform emulates the workflow of an on-site deposition experience.  



Each remote deposition we cover has a team member assigned, standing by to provide live on-call coverage before and during the deposition. If needed, our technical resources team is a phone call away, ready to help resolve any technical issues with your deposition.

Advanced Encryption Standard

AES-256-bit end-to-end encryption

GPSVirtual is a purpose-built platform for remote depositions with security built in. Encrypted streaming, network protection, secure storage, and data compliance provide comprehensive data protection. including encryption at rest.

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Questions about Virtual Depositions?

Experiencing a stress-free virtual deposition is easy, with a little preparation. 

If you are unsure where to start? We can help.  We recommend reading through the post linked below and following these key points.  After following these basic steps you can rely on our team to take care of the rest. 

1. Prepare your witness to testify via video conference.  Remove any distractions from their environment if at all possible.

2. Test before the proceeding.  Preferably at least 72-hours before hand.  That way if there are problems, they can be addressed. Or new equipment can be sent.

3. Consider the environment you will attend from.  Minimize external distractions and put all additional electronics on silent. If you will be checking emails on the same laptop you are attending the meeting on, turn off notification noises.