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Instructions and downloads for our video team.



Arrive Early

ON-SITE ASSIGNMENTS: Arrive for setup at least one hour before start time.

REMOTE ASSIGNMENTS: Arrive/log in 30 minutes before start time.

Please notify us if you will be delayed.

you are Representing Goucher Parker Spivey

You will be representing GPS at your assignment. Do not distribute your own business cards or email address. Please provide [email protected] as the contact email address to all counsel.

Backup Audio for Reporter

Provide a copy of your audio files to the reporter at the conclusion of the deposition day.  Remember to ask for the reporter’s email address!

Recording on Zoom Meetings

Please record Zoom meetings to your local computer and send us the files. Do not record to cloud storage.


Steps for turning in your video files.

Complete and sign Action Log

Include run time for each media file, total run time, and your signature on the certificate page.


Download Action Log

Send us your files

Upload these files via the below link:

  1. Completed and signed Action Log
  2. Encoded video files
  3. Order forms
  4. Your invoice

Send Files