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Deposition transcripts, exhibits, and synchronized videos.


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Quickly download exhibits, transcripts, and synchronized video files.  Our repository is compatible with most mobile devices and trial software.

Document-sharing tools provide your team access to all case files without the security concerns of email.  All documents are secured by 128-bit end-to-end encryption.


Electronic Transcripts

Downloadable full-size and condensed transcripts in PDF format with hyperlinked exhibits and word index. Other formats include eTranscript (.ptx) and standard ASCII (.txt).

Synchronized Video

Each deposition transcript synchronized with high-quality video. Compatible with trial software. Delivered online for download or clip creation. 

Quick key-word searches bring up the precise testimony citation and corresponding video.  Suitable for viewing on computer screens, tablets, and mobile devices.

Case File Storage

Share case-specific documents with your team (or other counsel) for use at deposition or trial.  No need to ship physical exhibits ahead of time. All uploads, downloads, and transfers are secured with 128-bit end-to-end encryption.

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